M/S Viking Grace (NB 1376)

M/S Viking Grace will be delivered from STX Finland Turku shipyard on January 2013. It will operate between Finland and Sweden. The new cruise ferry will be the world's most environmentally friendly big passenger ship. The vessel uses LNG as fuel and she generates no marine emissions. Her emissions to air are extremely low.
The vessel has been specially designed to operate in the delicate and shallow waters of the Finnish and Swedish archipelago. The wave making and noise emissions have  been minimized. The key driver in the development of the general arrangement was to enhance the archipelago experience for the passengers. The ship will provide sophisticated environment with spectacular scenery for the passengers on her uppermost decks.

Technical information:

  • Length:    214.0 m
  • Breadth:    31.8 m
  • Passenger Cabins:    880
  • Passengers:    2800
  • Crew:    200
  • Speed:    22 knots
  • Lane Metres:    1275 + 500 + 500

Project work:

  • hull detail design: model, drawings, nesting in Aveva Marine 12.0
  • machinery detail design: model, drawings in Cadmatic